Thursday, 12 March 2009

What to do with Woolies

The Guardian has a story today about how with a buyer still not found for Woolies in Leytonstone Town Centre the building will revert to Council ownership. Cllr Pye has called for something with "substance" on the site, but offers no example, although she talks of adding "value" and improving "the food offer". I think she's after a Marks and Spencer - long seen as an indicator of middle class aspiration. 
Why does it have be a shop at all I wonder? 
Be keen to hear what you think should fill the site.

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  1. It's difficult to think of any retailer that would take on a site with Tesco perched at the top of the hill like a giant, poisonous spider. I suspect it'll end up divided in two, with one half something like a Nandos and the other bit empty until the economy picks up. An arts and crafts shop would be nice.