Thursday, 12 March 2009

M11 Protest Book Launch - 'Nine Miles'

'Nine Miles' is a book by Jim Hindle on anti-road protests in the 1990s.
He will be at Hornbeam on Tuesday 17th March from 7.30pm to tell us about it, read some of it and show a short film. We also have Richard Leighton who was Chair of the No M11 Link Road Campaign locally to give us some thoughts from his direct experiences of that time.
Join us to relive some of those days and consider the lessons for current road plans and protests.
Refreshments provided (first come-first served!).
Free admission but donations always welcome!
Hope to see you there.
More info about 'Nine Miles' at

A vivid portrayal of the road protests of the British Isles in the mid nineteen nineties.

It was a fight to preserve our natural inheritance, to make the case for sustainable transport in the face of powerful vested interests. In a wider sense it marked the beginning of a stand for the earth herself in a time when our lifestyles are often grossly out of balance with the natural order of things.

The story of the road protests holds much that is both relevant and sorely needed today. It speaks of what it means to stand up and be counted, to challenge the obstacles to a fairer, saner future. More than anything the protests were an incredible example of something that thrived on inspiration, that showed what is possible when people collectively act on their best intuitions, of what can happen when a culture taps into the pace of change needed if we are to see the world steered clear from disaster. Nine Miles is an honest and powerful invocation of that story. Read it and become part of something amazing.

Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street, Leyton, London,

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