Saturday, 19 September 2009

Archive footage of Leytonstone

Ah, the 1930s - when men wore bowler hats, boys wore short trousers, and women... bustled along to do the shopping, according to the evidence.

Click here to see a film of Leytonstone in 1938.

It has a modern music track over the top (there's no sound from the film itself).

The footage shows the area around Leytonstone Railway Bridge - Lincolns when it used to be The Elms (with much grander frontage), and shopping at J Sainsbury's, which is now the Diamond off-licence.

Watch trams go up the High Road!

The film moves on to show people boating on Hollow Ponds, both rowing, and children standing ankle deep as they play with their toy boats.

Enjoy the film!

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